Beyonce Knowles for Jane Magazine  photos by Stephane Sednaoui 2002
Allure Magazine photos by Wayne Maser 2006
Britney Spears photos by Robert Erdmann for UK Glamour 2006
Jane Magazine photos by Wayne Maser 2003
Karen Elson photographed by Stephane Sednaoui for French Elle 2003
Advertisements for Phillip Morris, photos by David Lachapelle
multiple frame composition work
Dita VonTeese photos by Wayne Maser for Vanity Fair magazine
Sorry I don't have the original files for these but I was privilage to be able to retouch these photos of Monica Lewinsky for Vanity fair back in the mid 90's.  Photos by Herb Ritts.   I am also pretty sure I did these on a Quadra 950 for you mac techs out there....   :o
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